Ios Island

View of Chora

Ios Island

Clusters of white flat roofed buildings scattered across the hillsides and valleys of this beautiful island mark small oases of human activity. Ios is developed enough to provide for all your needs and comforts and its untouched natural beauty allows the spirit to break free.

Ios Houses | Ios Island


Maps of the island are available. There is an extensive paved road network ( approx 100km ) which leads to a wide choice of beaches to suit every taste and prevailing weather.

Mylopotas: A large deep sandy beach curving around the bay. A great variety of cafes and restaurants, open from early until late. There is a large choice of water sports, beach volley and sun beds.

Ios Houses | Ios Island

Manganari: On the south of the island, has an almost tropical feel due to the exquisite blue of the water. The 30 min drive from the villa takes one through the island’s beautiful landscapes, with stunning views across to other islands.

Psathi: Another beautiful beach , just above it is a very good restaurant serving traditional Greek food.

Koumbara: North of the port, a lot happening here. Some of the best restaurants on the island. The beach is pretty much for those who want to pay for a sunbed.

Ios Houses | Ios Island

Agia Theodoti: On the north eastern side of the island. One is greeted with a spectacular view of the bay before the road descends.

There are many other small beaches and coves around the island. Within 5 – 10 minutes walking distance of the villa there are the pretty little beaches of Kolitsani and Katsivelli. You will need to take your own supplies.

There are also a number of beaches which one can access by renting a small self drive boat, or taking a tour around the island.

Ios Houses | Ios Island


The Archaeological Museum of Ios: Centrally located in the village on the ground floor of the Town Hall it has an interesting collection of artifacts from the ancient sites surrounding the village and from the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos.

Skarkos Archaeological Site: Early bronze age settlement situated on a hill in the valley behind the main port. It received an award for the outstanding quality of the excavation.

Ios Houses | Ios Island

Homer’s tomb: A great excursion to the north side of the island. No one can say for sure if Homer died and was buried on Ios, although there is some compelling evidence. However, the interesting thing here is that to enhance the legend a beautiful installation has been created by the architect Peter Haupt with a footpath leading up to a small pavilion with a great view over the ‘ wine dark sea ‘ from where one may sit and contemplate the myths of ancient Greece.

Paleokastro: The remains of a 14c Byzantine castle, the access path alone is a work of art and the views from the castle breathtaking.

Ios Houses | Ios Island

Odysseus Elytis Theatre: A beautiful reconstruction of a classical Greek amphitheatre. One can stand and speak in the  centre on a calm day and easily be heard in the back rows. Plays and concerts are held throughout the summer. A great place for a wedding too! ( apply at the Municipality). Again it should be mentioned that the design of the theatre and the overseeing of its construction were offered by the architect Peter Haupt without payment.

Diaseli:  A cheesery with a difference, they have renovated an old building to show the traditional methods, next door is the modern version, where you can purchase delicious cheeses.

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